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Jao Nang (2015) In the ancient kingdom Muangnai located in Northern Thailand, there is a beautiful love story between Jao Rak Fah and Jao Ying La Ong Kam. But love soon turns to tragedy as Jao Rak Fah has to engage with PinMeung. Enraged and heartbroken, La Ong Kam starts to worship Pee Fah (a malevolent female ghost that seeks intestines as food). Eventually, Jao Rak Fah dies because of war and PinMeung is killed by La Ong Kam while being possessed by Pee Fah. Since that La Ong Kam begins to hatch a strong belief that worshipping Pee Fah will let her have a great life.

La Ong Kam flees to Bangkok. She married Khun Chat and they have a daughter named Apsorn. However, Chat’s sister, Chom strongly protests this marriage as she knows La Ong Kam is possessed by Pee Fah, but no one listens to her. In the day, La Ong Kam appears to be a very beautiful and well-mannered lady. In the night, she is nothing more but a vulture that keeps hunting people for their intestines. One night, Khun Chat he sees La Ong Kam devouring the intestine of a man. That night leads to his decision to hide his daughter from her. However, La Ong Kam catches up with him, killing both him and his mother. In his final attempt, Chat begs her not to hurt his daughter and never kill any people again. Apsorn runs away from her home. Eventually, La Ong Kam becomes too old to hunt people so she has to feed Pee Fah with her own intestine, which results in her death.

40 years later, Apsorn is married and she has a daughter named Meungthip, who looks exactly like La Ong Kam. Jao Rak Fah is also reborn as Boungsalak, son of a wealthy family. Boungsalak and Meungthip decide to get married. But again, their love sees an obstacle: Khem. She tries to seduce Boungsalak to get all of his assets. To make things worse, Pee Fah lures and tricks Meungthip into doing a ritual that lets Pee Fah possess her. The battle against Pee Fah continues.